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BN Ambassadors

Jake Scheinman

Jake Scheinman is an IFMGA Apprentice Mountain Guide and avalanche educator based in Salt Lake City, UT.

Tim Sonnenberg

Tim Sonnenberg is a former alpine guide turned medical student. He shines whenever he's above the tree line. He's at his best above 6000m.

Mark Westfall

Mark Westfall cuts his teeth as a rock climber on the front range of Colorado. A kind, friendly, and relatable character like him makes a 12 hour route fly by.

Jacob Oram

Jacob Oram is a child of the Pacific Northwest. He grew up on rock and ice and now climbs alpine test pieces around the world. If you're lucky you might even spot him on a pair of skis now and again!

Dr. Kelli Scheinman

Kelli Scheinman Is a true all around mountain athlete, but is most at home on a pair of skis. You're bound to run into her at most endurance events around the mountain west.


Dylan Cousins is a truly gifted mountain athlete. He easily falls within the category of one of the best non-professional climbers in the United States. He now enjoys a career in Biochemical Engineering while still making time to travel around the globe climbing the worlds largest rock faces.

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