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Jake Scheinman is an IFMGA Apprentice Mountain Guide and avalanche educator based in Salt Lake City, UT. With over six years of full-time guiding experience, Jake is committed to sharing his passion for the mountains and helping others discover the joy and challenge of mountaineering. He combines his extensive knowledge and friendly personality to create safe, memorable, and transformative outdoor experiences.


Jacob Oram is a true child of the Pacific Northwest. Growing up on rock and ice, he developed a deep connection to the rugged landscapes that shaped his early climbing experiences. Today, Jacob climbs alpine test pieces around the world, pushing his limits and exploring new heights. If you're lucky, you might even spot him on a pair of skis now and again! Jacob's passion for adventure and his extensive experience make him a valuable member of The Belay Network, where he continues to inspire and guide others in their mountaineering journeys.


Tim Sonnenberg is a former alpine guide turned medical student. With a passion for high-altitude adventures, Tim truly shines whenever he's above the tree line and is at his best above 6000 meters. His unique blend of guiding experience and medical knowledge makes him an exceptional asset to The Belay Network. Tim's dedication to both the mountains and medicine exemplifies his commitment to excellence and adventure, inspiring those around him to reach new heights.


Kelli Scheinman is a true all-around mountain athlete, but she is most at home on a pair of skis. Her passion for endurance sports is evident as you’re bound to run into her at most endurance events around the Mountain West. Kelli’s dedication to outdoor adventures and her athletic prowess make her an integral part of The Belay Network. She embodies the spirit of perseverance and community, inspiring others to push their limits and embrace the joy of mountain sports.


Mark Westfall cut his teeth as a rock climber on the Front Range of Colorado. A kind, friendly, and relatable character, Mark has a knack for making even the most challenging 12-hour routes fly by. His passion for climbing and his ability to connect with others make him a beloved member of The Belay Network. Mark's experience and approachable nature inspire confidence and camaraderie, helping climbers of all levels enjoy their time on the rock and push their limits.


Dylan Cousins is a truly gifted mountain athlete, easily ranking among the best non-professional climbers in the United States. Despite his demanding career in Biochemical Engineering, Dylan finds time to travel the globe, tackling some of the world's largest rock faces. His exceptional climbing skills and dedication to adventure make him a valuable member of The Belay Network. Dylan's ability to balance a high-powered career with his passion for climbing serves as an inspiration to others, proving that it's possible to excel both professionally and in the pursuit of one's outdoor passions.


Welcome to our Ambassadors page!

Our ambassadors are passionate adventurers who embody the spirit and mission of The Belay Network. These dedicated individuals support our cause by producing engaging content as they travel the globe, sharing their unique stories and experiences with our community. Through their journeys, they highlight the therapeutic potential of climbing and the natural world, inspiring others to join our mission.

Keep an eye out for their incredible adventures and insights, as you'll often see their stories featured on our Instagram. Meet our ambassadors and discover the amazing ways they contribute to The Belay Network.

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