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Find meaning in the mountains

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Welcome, we're glad you're here.

      The Belay Network is an organization dedicated to harnessing the spirit of community and camaraderie inherent in the climbing and mountaineering world to provide support to those grappling with mental illness and/or addiction. We believe in the therapeutic potential of climbing and the natural world, and we aim to create a safe, inclusive, and uplifting environment for all climbers, regardless of their personal battles.

      Founded by Jake Scheinman, a funny and charismatic figure with a lifelong passion for skiing and climbing, The Belay Network is a testament to the power of shared experiences and mutual support. Jake is a local leader in the outdoor industry, known for his engaging personality and unfaltering commitment to building strong, resilient climbing partnerships. He, along with his wife Kelli, lives and works in Salt Lake City, UT, and their combined passion for the outdoors and community engagement is the driving force behind The Belay Network.

      Jake's vision is to provide climbers and mountaineers with a network of support that extends beyond the crag, helping them navigate not just the physical challenges of the sport, but also the mental and emotional challenges that they might be facing in their personal lives. Through The Belay Network, we aim to cultivate a culture of openness, understanding, and mutual support, where every member feels seen, heard, and valued.

      Join us in our journey towards creating a world where no climber has to face their struggles alone. Welcome to The Belay Network - where we climb not just mountains, but also our personal peaks, together.

- The Belay Network

Disclaimer: The meetups we host are not guided outings. a moderate level of comfort within the sport that you intent to join is required.

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